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B.O.M. My lipstick, MLBB, Lipstick, Rose, Beauty of majesty, My lip but better, K-beauty, beauty, cosmetics, Korean cosmetics

BOM MY LIPSTICK MY ROSE / texture good / show perfect color

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Fashionable and stylish color moved to the lips by color printing technology
Although matte-type, maintains a moist silk-like fellings adheres to lips without dryness to show perfect color!
Clear color that is completed with one application, display of different color as you touch!
Unique vividness Application of color printing technology brought drectly to the lips from the vividness of color lipstick
Moisturizing and sustaining lipstick of another dimension from former matte-type lipstick!
#801. Red : Immeasurable depth of sharp sexy temptation
#802. Cherry Red : Airy confidence hidden in upstage brightness
#803. Orange : Bright and lush youthfulness
#804. Coral : Youthfulness of innocent first love itself
#805. Light Coral : Lovely and enchanting kiss-caller
#806. Rose : Inexplicit lethal sensuality