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SnackBOOM Korean Snack Subscription Box with Kpop Idols’ Freebies

SnackBOOM is the ultimate snack box up for subscription either on a monthly or one-off basis.

What makes SnackBOOM stands out from the rest of the subscription boxes is that it is closely associated with a Korean/Kpop theme each month. For instance, those who have purchased for a box in July, it would have come with some GOT7 goods inside!

For this month of October only, subscribers get to receive popular Kpop Band Wanna One’s stickers, limited to the first 100, for first come first served.


Use the coupon ‘oofoodielicious103118’ for 30% off your SnackBOOM box! Expired on 31 Oct 2018.


One-time subscription is at $29.90 while monthly subscription offers a more attractive rate of $26.90. 



The October subscription box consists of a variety of sweets, biscuits, chips and chocolate items.

I enjoyed the Goraebab Baked which were crackers that came in various animal shapes, Orion Sand Cameo that was like oreo, and the sweet and sourish Beatles‘ candies.

There were also the Couche Couche (pastry crackers), Whole Almond Candy, Grape Jelly and a 400g Hodduk Powder that could be used to make chewy Korean pancakes!



Wait no further!

Subscribe here: https://www.snackboom.com/collections/k-snack-subscription-service

For Wanna One’s goods: https://www.snackboom.com/blogs/event/100



From: oo-foodielicious


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